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Manages your DoubleClick Campaign Manager ad campaigns and reports.

This API contains a single method, batchGet. Call this method to retrieve the AMP URL (and equivalent AMP Cache URL) for given public URL(s).

Allows the administrators of Google Apps customers to fetch reports about the usage, collaboration, security and risk for their users.

Schedules reporting jobs containing your YouTube Analytics data and downloads the resulting bulk data reports in the form of CSV files.

Retrieves your YouTube Analytics data.

Accesses Tag Manager accounts and containers.

View Google Search Console data for your verified sites.

Analyzes the performance of a web page and provides tailored suggestions to make that page faster.

Send and retrieve trace data from Google Cloud Trace. Data is generated and available by default for all App Engine applications. Data from other applications can be written to Cloud Trace for display, reporting, and analysis.

Writes log entries and manages your logs, log sinks, and logs-based metrics.

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