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Google Sheets API v4
V4 Spreadsheets {spreadsheetid} Values {range}:append
Google Sheets API v4 | V4 Spreadsheets {spreadsheetid} Values {range}:append [Shared]postAppends values to a spreadsheet. The input range is used to search for existing data and find a "table" within that range. Values will be appended to the next row of the table, starting with the first column of the table. See the [guide](/sheets/api/guides/values#appending_values) and [sample code](/sheets/api/samples/writing#append_values) for specific details of how tables are detected and data is appended. The caller must specify the spreadsheet ID, range, and a valueInputOption. The `valueInputOption` only controls how the input data will be added to the sheet (column-wise or row-wise), it does not influence what cell the data starts being written to.
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September 18, 2018 18:03
Updated at
October 01, 2018 19:46

Parameters & Headers

NameValueDescriptionUpdated at
includeValuesInResponse - Determines if the update response should include the values of the cells that were appended. By default, responses do not include the updated values.September 20, 2018 20:49
insertDataOption - How the input data should be inserted.September 20, 2018 20:49
responseDateTimeRenderOption - Determines how dates, times, and durations in the response should be rendered. This is ignored if response_value_render_option is FORMATTED_VALUE. The default dateTime render option is [DateTimeRenderOption.SERIAL_NUMBER].September 20, 2018 20:49
responseValueRenderOption - Determines how values in the response should be rendered. The default render option is ValueRenderOption.FORMATTED_VALUE.September 20, 2018 20:49
valueInputOption - How the input data should be interpreted.September 20, 2018 20:49
5 Parameters
Template parameters
NameValueDescriptionUpdated at
range - The A1 notation of a range to search for a logical table of data. Values will be appended after the last row of the table.September 20, 2018 20:49
spreadsheetId - The ID of the spreadsheet to update.September 20, 2018 20:49
2 Parameters