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NamespaceNamePathDescriptionOperationsUpdated at
Backupify API 1.0.0V1 Backup_definitions/v1/backup_definitions - Backupify API 1.0.0 | V1 Backup_definitions [Shared] | GET [Shared] and Backupify API 1.0.0 | V1 Backup_definitions [Shared] | POST [Shared]April 05, 2017 19:01
This will retrieve a list of backup_defintions from all vendors. To view backup_defintions for a particular vendor, see the vendors API. Records are returned in ascending order (by id), with a default of 20 per page. Links to the next, previous, first, and last pages can be found in the response headers.
NameValueDescriptionUpdated at
vendor_id - Limit backup_definitions returned to those owned by the specified vendor_idApril 17, 2017 09:28
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