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RiteKit 1.0.0

Added: 07/01/2020
Updated at: 07/01/2020

RiteKit API is based on REST principles. Authentication uses standard OAuth 2.0 process ##Getting started 1. Sign up for [RiteKit](https://ritekit.com/) 1. Go to [developer dashboard](https://ritekit.com/developer/dashboard/) 1. Click "Create a token" button to get your **Client ID** and **Client secret** 1. When you reach your free limit of calls per month, [upgrade to paid tiers](https://ritekit.com/developer/) ## Options for authorizing API Calls #### Using Client ID directly You can directly connect to our API using your **client ID** by sending it as a GET query parameter. This option is simple (no need for oAuth) but it should be used only in case the Client ID is not exposed publicly. GET https://api.ritekit.com/v1/stats/multiple-hashtags?tags=php&client_id=292c6912e7710c838347ae178b4a