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Chomp Food Database 1.0.0-oas3

Added: 23/03/2020
Updated at: 23/03/2020

## Important An **[API key](https://chompthis.com/api/)** is required for access to this API. Get yours at **[https://chompthis.com/api](https://chompthis.com/api/)**. ### Getting Started * **[Subscribe](https://chompthis.com/api/#pricing)** to the API. * Scroll down and click the "**Authorize**" button. * Enter your API key into the "**value**" input, click the "**Authorize**" button, then click the "**Close**" button. * Scroll down to the section titled "**default**" and click on the API endpoint you wish to use. * Click the "**Try it out**" button. * Enter the information the endpoint requires. * Click the "**Execute**" button. ### Example * Branded food response object: **[View example »](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chompfoods/examples/master/branded-food-response-object.json)** * Ingredient response object: **[View example »](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chompfoods/examples/master/ingredient-response-object.json)** * Error response object: **[View example »](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chompfoods/examples/master/error-response-object.json)** ### How Do I Find My API Key? * Your API key was sent to the email address you used to create your subscription. * You will also find your API key in the **[Client Center](https://chompthis.com/api/manage.php)**. * Read **[this article](https://desk.zoho.com/portal/chompthis/kb/articles/how-do-i-find-my-api-key)** for more information. ### Helpful Links * **Help & Support** * [Knowledge Base »](https://desk.zoho.com/portal/chompthis/kb/chomp) * [Support »](https://chompthis.com/api/ticket-new.php) * [Client Center »](https://chompthis.com/api/manage.php) * **Pricing** * [Subscription Options »](https://chompthis.com/api/) * [Cost Calculator »](https://chompthis.com/api/cost-calculator.php) * **Guidelines** * [Terms & License »](https://chompthis.com/api/terms.php) * [Attribution »](https://chompthis.com/api/docs/attribution.php)