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Avaza v1

Added: 21/11/2017
Updated at: 07/01/2020

Welcome to the autogenerated documentation & test tool for Avaza's API.

API Security & Authentication
Authentication options include OAuth2 Implicit and Authorization Code flows, and Personal Access Token. All connections should be encrypted over SSL/TLS

You can set up and manage your api authentication credentials from within your Avaza account. (requires Administrator permissions on your Avaza account).

OAuth2 Authorization endpoint: https://any.avaza.com/oauth2/authorize
OAuth2 Token endpoint: https://any.avaza.com/oauth2/token
Base URL for subsequent API Requests: https://api.avaza.com/

Blogpost about authenticating with Avaza's API: https://www.avaza.com/avaza-api-oauth2-authentication/
Blogpost on using Avaza's webhooks: https://www.avaza.com/avaza-api-webhook-notifications/
The OAuth flow currently issues Access Tokens that last 1 day, and Refresh tokens that last 180 days
The Api respects the security Roles assigned to the authenticating Avaza user and filters the data return appropriately.

For API Support, and to request access please contact Avaza Support Team via our support chat.

User Contributed Libraries:
Graciously contributed by 3rd party users like you.
Note these are not tested or endorsesd by Avaza. We encourage you to review before use, and use at own risk.