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Api2Pdf - PDF Generation, Powered by AWS Lambda 1.0.0

Added: 04/01/2019
Updated at: 04/01/2019

# Introduction [Api2Pdf](https://www.api2pdf.com) is a powerful PDF generation API with no rate limits or file size constraints. Api2Pdf runs on AWS Lambda, a serverless architecture powered by Amazon to scale to millions of requests while being up to 90% cheaper than alternatives. **Supports wkhtmltopdf, Headless Chrome, LibreOffice, and PDF Merge.** You can also generate barcodes with ZXING (Zebra Crossing). # SDKs & Client Libraries We've made a number of open source libraries available for the API - Python: [https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.python](https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.python) - .NET: [https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.dotnet](https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.dotnet) - Nodejs: [https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.node](https://github.com/api2pdf/api2pdf.node) - PHP: [https://github.com/Api2Pdf/api2pdf.php](https://github.com/Api2Pdf/api2pdf.php) - Ruby: (Coming soon) # Authorization Create an account at [portal.api2pdf.com](https://portal.api2pdf.com/register) to get an API key. **Authorize your API calls** - GET requests, include apikey=YOUR-API-KEY as a query string parameter - POST requests, add **Authorization** to your header. ``` Authorization: YOUR-API-KEY ``` # Quickstart If you are looking for just a quick call to grab PDFs of a URL, you can do a GET request like: ``` https://v2018.api2pdf.com/chrome/url?url={UrlToConvert}&apikey={YourApiKey} ``` For more advanced usage and settings, see the API specification below.