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Cosmic Ray API - calculate intensities and doses in the atmosphere 1.2.0

Added: 01/08/2019
Updated at: 07/01/2020

High energy galactic cosmic rays and bursts of solar energetic particles collide with nuclei of gases in the atmosphere, leading to a cascade of nuclear and electromagnetic reactions. The result is a complex mix of directly and indirectly ionising radiation, the intensity and composition of which varies spatially and temporally. Understanding this mix is important for a variety of applications, including estimating the exposures of aircrew, pilots, and frequent flyers during air travel.

The PARMA model, developed by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), can instantaneously estimate cosmic ray fluxes of neutrons, protons, ions, muons, electrons, positrons, and photons for a given date, latitude, longitude, and altitude. A comprehensive description of PARMA can be found in the publications here and here

The Terms and Conditions of PARMA are described here. Use of the API acknowledges you have read and agreed to those Terms and Conditions.

We provide an open RESTful API to the model and added functionality to calculate Effective Dose and Ambient Dose Equivalent using conversion coefficients. The API is free but usage is limited to 1000 API calls per day.

Amentum Pty Ltd is not responsible nor liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of the use of the API.

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