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Adyen MarketPay Fund Service 5

Added: 20/11/2018
Updated at: 15/04/2019

The MarketPay Funding API provides endpoints for managing the funds in MarketPay accounts. These management operations include actions such as the transfer of funds from one account to another, the payout of funds to an account holder, and the retrieval of balances in an account. For further information on MarketPay fund management, please visit the [MarketPay documentation](https://docs.adyen.com/developers/marketpay). ## Authentication To connect to the MarketPay API, you must use basic authentication credentials of your web service user. If you don't have one, please contact the [Adyen Support Team](https://support.adyen.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Then use its credentials to authenticate your request, for example: ``` curl -U "ws@MarketPlace.YourMarketPlace":"YourWsPassword" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ ... ``` Note that when going live, you need to generate new web service user credentials to access the [live endpoints](https://docs.adyen.com/developers/development-resources/live-endpoints). ## Versioning MarketPay API supports versioning of its endpoints through a version suffix in the endpoint URL. This suffix has the following format: "vXX", where XX is the version number. For example: ``` https://cal-test.adyen.com/cal/services/Fund/v5/accountHolderBalance ```