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API for Internet Archive's Search-related services

API for Internet Archive's Wayback Machine

The API to Search and Understand Audio & Video Data.

A data platform for customers to create, manage, share and query data.

Searches over a website or collection of websites

Searches the Google Knowledge Graph for entities.

Provides tools for running validation tests against single URLs

View Google Search Console data for your verified sites.

With the Article Search API, you can search New York Times articles from Sept. 18, 1851 to today, retrieving headlines, abstracts, lead paragraphs, links to associated multimedia and other article metadata. Note: In URI examples and field names, italics indicate placeholders for variables or values. Brackets [ ] indicate optional items. Parentheses ( ) are not a convention — when URIs include parentheses, interpret them literally.

Search for information on companies using a website or company name and get access to Company Data, News, Blog Posts, Competitor Lists and much more.

VersionEye is a cross-platform search engine for free/libre/open source software libraries.

Face search, recognition & classification API. Just make a call to our REST API each time your app needs to access face recognition and classification capabilities.

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