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Furkot provides Rest API to access user trip data. Using Furkot API an application can list user trips and display stops for a specific trip. Furkot API uses OAuth2 protocol to authorize applications to access data on behalf of users.

Since 2006, [Gisgraphy](http://www.gisgraphy.com) is a free, open source framework that offers the possibility to do geolocalisation and geocoding via Java APIs or REST webservices. Because geocoding is nothing without data, it provides an easy to use importer that will automatically download and import the necessary (free) data to your local database ([OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/), [Geonames](http://www.geonames.org/) and [Quattroshapes](http://www.quattroshapes.com/): more than 100 million entries). You can also add your own data with the Web interface or the importer connectors provided. Gisgraphy is production ready, and has been designed to be scalable(load balanced), performant and used in other languages than just java : results can be output in XML, JSON, PHP, Python, Ruby, YAML, GeoRSS, and Atom. One of the most popular GPS tracking System (OpenGTS) also includes a Gisgraphy client...Gisgraphy is a framework. As a result it's flexible and powerful enough to be used in a lot of different use cases. [read more](http://www.gisgraphy.com) if you use the premium servers, you can use the api key to test the webservices

Publishes 360 photos to Google Maps, along with position, orientation, and connectivity metadata. Apps can offer an interface for positioning, connecting, and uploading user-generated Street View images.

Our Route Optimization API solves the so called vehicle routing problem fast. It calculates an optimal tour for a set of vehicles, services and constraints

Access the most exhaustive, accurate and up-to-date collection of global and hyper-local geocoded events and activities across a wide range of categories and genres

Drive your app to success with Lyft's API

This developer-centric REST API focuses on getting global city and region data. Easily obtain country, region, and city data for use in your apps!

  • Filter cities by name prefix, country, location, time-zone, and even minimum population.
  • Sort cities by name, country code, elevation, and population - or any combination of these.
  • Get all country regions.
  • Get all cities in a given region.
  • Developer-friendly RESTful API adheres to industry best-practices, including HATEOAS-style links to facilitate paging results.
  • Backed by cloud-based load-balanced infrastructure for resiliency and performance!
  • Data is periodically refreshed from GeoNames.org.


  • All endpoints implicitly support JSONP-style invocation via an optional callback param.
  • Since the database is periodically updated, this may very rarely result in certain cities being marked deleted (e.g., duplicates removed). By default, endpoints returning city data will exclude cities marked deleted. However, in the unlikely event that this occurs while your app is paging through a set of affected results - and you care about the paged results suddenly changing underneath - specify includeDeleted=SINCE_YESTERDAY (or SINCE_LAST_WEEK if you're really paranoid!).

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The Miataru API is very simple and straight forward. Generally you're posting (HTTP POST) a JSON formatted request to a service method locations and you get back a JSON formatted answer. Please take into consideration that this has the request-for-comment status and that it can change while there's work done on client and server applications. Versioning therefore is done by prepending the version number - /v1/ for version 1 - to the method call.

The general-purpose API

Worldwide forward and reverse geocoding

The API ecotaco allows you to connect, create an account, manage your credit cards and order rides. # Authentication Ecotaco API use a system of application key and authentification token. ## Application key : The application key is generated by Ecota.co and unique to an application. Before accessing EcoTa.co APIs, you need to register your application. Please supply the following information to dev@ecota.co: - Application name - Company (if appropriate) - Contact name, phone and address - Contact email - Is this a web application, a desktop application, or an application running on a device? - Short description of your application It **must** be passed on request : "accounts -> login", "accounts -> facebook login" and "accounts -> register" . ## Authentification token : The authentification token is retrieved at login or register of an user. It **must** be passed in request for authenticate action in Authorization HTTP header. Example : Authorization: Token token=e55887022c1aca4c86abcc49e85ceb8a0c855d2af4d9fac75c08040a583dcde4 # Language On some of our resources, we filter the content displayed based on the Accept-Language header. If the language is not defined or if we don't use the language defined in this header, we automatically use French as the default language. EcoTa.co currently support two languages: English, French. ("en" and "fr") # Encoding All requests and answers on EcoTa.co are in UTF-8.

Global marine weather data from multiple sources in one single API with hourly resolution. Get your API key by visiting the Storm Glass web site.

Open Source GPS Tracking Platform

Enable people to store spots on public and private maps

API for the Water Linked Underwater GPS. For more details: http://www.waterlinked.com Recommended approach for connecting to a Underwater GPS via the API is: - If "GET /api/" times out, the Underwater GPS is not running (on this IP address) - If "GET /api/" responds with 200 OK check that the api version returrned (eg "v1") is supported by the client (eg: also supports "v1"). - If the api version returned does not match what the client supports: give an error to the user and recommend upgrading. (Eg: response is "v2" while client only supports "v1") - If "GET /api/" responds with 301 Moved permanently. "GET /api/v1/version" to check if the kit has a version earlier than 1.5. - "GET /api/v1/version" will always respond with 200 OK on Underwater GPS earlier than 1.5 release. Configuration API is is not considered stable and will potentially be changed

This is the documentation for the Weatherbit Weather API. The base URL for the API is [http://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/](http://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/) or [https://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/](http://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/). Below is the Swagger UI documentation for the API. All API requests require the `key` parameter. An Example for a 5 day forecast for London, UK would be `http://api.weatherbit.io/v2.0/forecast/3hourly?city=London`&`country=UK`. See our [Weather API description page](https://www.weatherbit.io/api) for additional documentation.

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