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Access the New, Used and Certified cars inventories for all Car Dealers in US.
The data is sourced from online listings by over 44,000 Car dealers in US. At any time, there are about 6.2M searchable listings (about 1.9M unique VINs) for Used & Certified cars and about 6.6M (about 3.9M unique VINs) New Car listings from all over US. We use this API at the back for our website www.marketcheck.com and our Android and iOS mobile apps too.

Few useful links :
  • A quick view of the API and the use cases is depicated here
  • The Postman collection with various usages of the API is shared here https://www.getpostman.com/collections/2752684ff636cdd7bac2


# The REST API of BeezUP system ## Overview The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write BeezUP data. Basically, with this API you will be able to do everything like you were with your browser on https://go.beezup.com ! The main features are: - Register and manage your account - Create and manage and share your stores with your friends/co-workers. - Import your product catalog and schedule the auto importation - Search the channels your want to use - Configure your channels for your catalogs to export your product information: - cost and general settings - category and columns mappings - your will be able to create and manage your custom column - put in place exlusion filters based on simple conditions on your product data - override product values - get product vision for a channel catalog scope - Analyze and optimize your performance of your catalogs on all yours channels with different type of reportings by day, channel, category and by product. - Automatize your optimisation by using rules! - And of course... Manage your orders harvested from all your marketplaces: - Synchronize your orders in an uniformized way - Get the available actions and update the order status - ...and more! ## Authentication credentials The public API with the base path **/v2/public** have been put in place to give you an entry point to our system for the user registration, login and lost password. The public API does not require any credentials. We give you the some public list of values and public channels for our public commercial web site [www.beezup.com](http://www.beezup.com). The user API with the base path **/v2/user** requires a token which is available on this page: https://go.beezup.com/Account/MyAccount ## Things to keep in mind ### API Rate Limits - The BeezUP REST API is limited to 100 calls/minute. ### Media type The default media type for requests and responses is application/json. Where noted, some operations support other content types. If no additional content type is mentioned for a specific operation, then the media type is application/json. ### Required content type The required and default encoding for the request and responses is UTF8. ### Required date time format All our date time are formatted in ISO 8601 format: 2014-06-24T16:25:00Z. ### Base URL The Base URL of the BeezUP API Order Management REST API conforms to the following template. https://api.beezup.com All URLs returned by the BeezUP API are relative to this base URL, and all requests to the REST API must use this base URL template. You can test our API on https://api-docs.beezup.com/swagger-ui\ You can contact us on [gitter, #BeezUP/API](https://gitter.im/BeezUP/API)

Allows sellers to: 1) Load products definitions to the BrandLovers marktplace. 2) Receive and update orders status. 3) Receive and update shipping information. 4) Receive and update customer tickets. All requests consume and return application/json content. All request must be authenticated and use HTTPS.

The DocuSign REST API provides you with a powerful, convenient, and simple Web services API for interacting with DocuSign.

dropX.io API provides programmatic access to the e-commerce intelligence data.

The Browse API lets shoppers search for specific items by keyword, category, product, or item aspects and retrieve the details of an item.

The Feed API provides the ability to download daily TSV_GZIP feed files containing all the newly listed eBay items and an hourly snapshot file of the items that have changed within an hour for a specific category and date.

The Marketing API retrieves eBay products based on a metric, such as Best Selling, as well as products that were also bought and also viewed.

Use the Taxonomy API to discover the most appropriate eBay categories under which sellers can offer inventory items for sale, and the most likely categories under which buyers can browse or search for items to purchase. In addition, the Taxonomy API provides information about the required and recommended category aspects to include in listings.

Use the Fulfillment API to complete the process of packaging, addressing, handling, and shipping each order on behalf of the seller, in accordance with the payment method and timing specified at checkout.

Manages product items, inventory, and Merchant Center accounts for Google Shopping.

Explore all our endpoints with your own set of of access tokens. All changes affect your production Jumpseller store.

Delivery Service API

Some calls require HTTPS and an Authorization Key which will be provided by Just Eat.

The key needs to be provided in the header as follows: Authorization: JE-API-KEY {Your-Key-Here}

This is the koomalooma Partner API. koomalooma is the first Loyalty BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) for mobile and web companies. With koomalooma merchants issue points for actions their customers / users make on your mobile or web store, for example a purchase or a referral. koomalooma takes care of all the rest, from signing up users, keeping track of points and delivering rewards in over 80 countries. koomalooma offers an easy to integrate API and web backend to configure loyalty campaigns and track performance. You can find more at http://support.koomalooma.com

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