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ScrapeWebsiteEmail is a service that exposes an api to fetch e-mails from a website.

## Introduction The Shorten.rest API allows you to programmatically create short URLs (an 'alias') for longer URL (a 'destination'). Each alias you create can be used to redirect the end user (person clicking on the link) to one or more destination URLs A default destination is always set and specific destinations can be set to redirect the end user to preferred destinations based on the user's geographical location (country) and device Operating System. In order to use the Shorten.Rest URL Shortening API you can choose to bind your own branded domain, sub-domain or to use our default domain - Short.FYI ### Destination Matching When creating or editing a short URL ('alias') you can choose to specify a destination for each country and OS ([Supported OSes list](#tag/OperatingSystems)) combination. When a user clicks on the short link, Shorten.rest will examine the end user's country (determined by User's IP) and OS (User agent) and match the most suitable destination for each user. (*) If no destination is set for a specific request combination Shorten.rest will use the default destination that exists within each short URL (**) BRANDED DOMAINS: If the requested alias does not exist in our database - Shorten.rest will redirect the user to the default fallback you set within your dashboard under the ‘Alias Not Found Page Url’ value for a custom domain. (***) Operating System (OS) destinations are stronger than a country destination! For example - if you have a custom landing page that is targeting people in the USA and a second landing page that is hyper focused for people who use iOS devices - a person clicking on your link in the USA that is on an iPhone will be redirected to the iOS landing page, while all other devices will be redirected to the USA landing page. | OS | Country | Destination | | :------------: |:---------------:| -----| | iOS | | YourDestination.com/ios | | | US | YourDestination.com/usa | Shorten.rest will choose the YourDestination.com/ios url as the most suitable destination. ### Branded Domain Attributes When setting up your custom domain you can include optional metatags and snippets ([Supported snippets list](#tag/Snippets)). These parameters (such as retargeting, tracking and conversion pixels) are populated and fired on click - at the time of the redirect. By default the parameters you set in the domain setting will be included in all Short URLs associated with that domain. You can always override the domain defaults for each URL by passing the appropriate variables when creating or updating a short URL ### Setting a Custom string for an Alias (short.fyi/alias) While creating a short URL you can specify which domain to use. You can choose to use your own branded domain or our default domain - Short.fyi. Each Alias is unique within a domain they are related to. This means that if multiple accounts use you the same domain (for example short.fyi), if an alias is already taken you may not create a new destination for it. That said - If you would like to use a specific alias which is already taken - the only way to do so is to create it on a new domain you own and have attached to your Shorten.rest account. ### Random Aliases By default - unless you specify a vanity URI for your alias each URL that is shortened on our platform will have a random string generated by the API. This means that if the 'alias' attribute of a /aliases POST request is not provided, or is an empty string, a random string of seven characters will be generated and returned as part of the POST response. You can also place the @**rnd** macro within the alias field when you create a new alias, for example /vanity/@rnd, which might return an alias like /vanity/ZMAefRt, or /vanity@rnd, which might produce something like /vanityMRtvxadf. Only the first @rnd in an alias attribute will be replaced. ### NOTES ( * ) All methods of the Shorten.REST API require that your API key be provided in **x-api-key** header. (**) All API parameters are case sensitive

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This is an online swagger codegen server. You can find out more at https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-codegen or on [irc.freenode.net, #swagger](http://swagger.io/irc/).

# Introduction This is the registry API for SwaggerHub. It allows you to access, manage, and update your APIs and Domains in SwaggerHub bypassing the Web application. # Authentication Use your personal API Key: you can find it by visiting the [API Key page](https://app.swaggerhub.com/settings/apiKey).

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This API allows you to interact with the VictorOps platform in various ways. Your account may be limited to a total number of API calls per month. Also, some of these API calls have rate limits. NOTE: In this documentation when creating a sample curl request (clicking the TRY IT OUT! button), in some API viewing interfaces, the '@' in an email address may be encoded. Please note that the REST endpoints will not process the encoded version. Make sure that the encoded character '%40' is changed to its unencoded form before submitting the curl request.

Welcome to the Voodoo Manufacturing API docs! Your Voodoo Manufacturing API key must be included with each request to the API. The API will look for the key in the "api_key" header of the request. You can request a key here. This API provides a programmatic interface for submitting printing orders to Voodoo Manufacturing. The general process for creating an order is as follows: - Get a list of the available materials with the /materials endpoint - Upload models to the API with the /models endpoint - Get quotes for shipping methods with the /order/shipping endpoint - Get a quote for an order with the /order/create endpoint - Confirm the order with the /order/confirm endpoint Uploaded models and orders can be retrieved either in bulk or by id at the /model and /order endpoints, respectively. In some cases, you may wish to get a quote for a specific model without the context of an order. In this case, you may use the /model/quote (if you've already uploaded the model to the API) or the /model/quote_attrs (lets you quote based on calculated model attributes) endpoints.

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This API provides XML to JSON, JSON to XML transformations.

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