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Cognitive Services Management Client

These APIs allow end users to operate on Azure Machine Learning Commitment Plans resources and their child Commitment Association resources. They support CRUD operations for commitment plans, get and list operations for commitment associations, moving commitment associations between commitment plans, and retrieving commitment plan usage history.

These APIs allow end users to operate on Azure Machine Learning Web Services resources. They support the following operations:

  • Create or update a web service
  • Get a web service
  • Patch a web service
  • Delete a web service
  • Get All Web Services in a Resource Group
  • Get All Web Services in a Subscription
  • Get Web Services Keys

Datumbox offers a Machine Learning platform composed of 14 classifiers and Natural Language processing functions. Functions include sentiment analysis, topic classification, readability assessment, language detection, and much more.

An API to enable creating and using machine learning models.

Seldon is an Open Predictive Platform that currently allows item recommendations and general predictive models to be deployed based on structured historical data.

Wealthport provides a simple, lightweight and open Web API based on the Open API 2.0 standard ( Our APIs offer a variety of operations related to managing Sources, Folders, Orders and Recipes. There are operations to submit and track Jobs, upload and download data files and many more.

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