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Lets you access a cloud hosted machine learning service that makes it easy to build smart apps

This API aims to provide coherent and low-latency access to Wikimedia content and services. It is currently in beta testing, so things aren't completely locked down yet. Each entry point has explicit stability markers to inform you about development status and change policy, according to [our API version policy](https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API_versioning). ### High-volume access - Don't perform more than 200 requests/s to this API. - Set a unique `User-Agent` header that allows us to contact you quickly. Email addresses or URLs of contact pages work well.

Empower your healthcare services with intelligent diagnostic insights of Infermedica API.

Stores and retrieves potentially large, immutable data objects.

Lets you view Google Webmaster Tools data for your verified sites.

The Winning Email API allows you to access our services from your applications. Contact us if you need help with anything, or require access to something we don't yet offer. The API overview is available here.

Stackdriver Error Reporting groups and counts similar errors from cloud services. The Stackdriver Error Reporting API provides a way to report new errors and read access to error groups and their associated errors.

With the smart-me REST API you get Access to all your devices in the smart-me Cloud and you can add your own devices. So it's a easy way to add the smart-me Cloud support to your Hardware or Software Product.

The SimplyRETS API is an exciting step towards making it easier for developers and real estate agents to build something awesome with real estate data! The documentation below makes live requests to our API using the trial data. To get set up with the API using live MLS data, you must have RETS credentials from your MLS, which you can then use to create an app with SimplyRETS. For more information on that process, please see our [FAQ](https://simplyrets.com/faq), [Getting Started](https://simplyrets.com/blog/getting-set-up.html) page, or [contact us](https://simplyrets.com/\#home-contact). Below you'll find the API endpoints, query parameters, response bodies, and other information about using the SimplyRETS API. You can run queries by clicking the 'Try it Out' button at the bottom of each section. ### Authentication The SimplyRETS API uses Basic Authentication. When you create an app, you'll get a set of API credentials to access your listings. If you're trying out the test data, you can use `simplyrets:simplyrets` for connecting to the API. ### Media Types The SimplyRETS API uses the `Accept` header to allow clients to control media types (content versions). We maintain backwards compatibility with API clients by allowing them to specify a content version. We highly recommend setting and explicity media type when your application reaches production. Both the structure and content of our API response bodies is subject to change so we can add new features while respecting the stability of applications which have already been developed. To always use the latest SimplyRETS content version, simply use `application/json` in your application `Accept` header. If you want to pin your clients media type to a specific version, you can use the vendor-specific SimplyRETS media type, e.g. `application/vnd.simplyrets-v0.1+json"` To view all valid content-types for making an `OPTIONS`, make a request to the SimplyRETS api root `curl -XOPTIONS -u simplyrets:simplyrets https://api.simplyrets.com/` The default media types used in our API responses may change in the future. If you're building an application and care about the stability of the API, be sure to request a specific media type in the Accept header as shown in the examples below. The wordpress plugin automatically sets the `Accept` header for the compatible SimplyRETS media types. ### Pagination There a few pieces of useful information about each request stored in the HTTP Headers: - `X-Total-Count` shows you the total amount of listings that match your current query. - `Link` contains pre-built pagination links for accessing the next 'page' of listings that match your query. Read more about that [here](https://simplyrets.com/blog/api-pagination.html).

The Labs64 NetLicensing API is a RESTful API and gives you access to NetLicensing’s core features.

You authenticate to the NetLicensing API by providing your account credentials or simply use our demo account - demo:demo

Find out more about Labs64 NetLicensing at netlicensing.io

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