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Programmatic access to YouTube features.

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YouTube Data API v3AccessPolicy.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3Activity.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetails.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsBulletin.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsChannelItem.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsComment.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsFavorite.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsLike.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsPlaylistItem.jsonAuto detect - -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsPromotedItem.jsonAuto detect - -
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YouTube Data API v3Oauth2 HTTPS Connectionhttps://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3 -
1 Connections
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YouTube Data API v3GET Activities/activitiesgetReturns a list of channel activity events that match the request criteria. For example, you can retrieve events associated with a particular channel, events associated with the user's subscriptions and Google+ friends, or the YouTube home page feed, which is customized for each user. -
YouTube Data API v3POST Activities/activitiespostPosts a bulletin for a specific channel. (The user submitting the request must be authorized to act on the channel's behalf.) Note: Even though an activity resource can contain information about actions like a user rating a video or marking a video as a favorite, you need to use other API methods to generate those activity resources. For example, you would use the API's videos.rate() method to rate a video and the playlistItems.insert() method to mark a video as a favorite. -
YouTube Data API v3DELETE Captions/captionsdeleteDeletes a specified caption track. -
YouTube Data API v3GET Captions/captionsgetReturns a list of caption tracks that are associated with a specified video. Note that the API response does not contain the actual captions and that the captions.download method provides the ability to retrieve a caption track. -
YouTube Data API v3POST Captions/captionspostUploads a caption track. -
YouTube Data API v3PUT Captions/captionsputUpdates a caption track. When updating a caption track, you can change the track's draft status, upload a new caption file for the track, or both. -
YouTube Data API v3GET Captions {id}/captions/{{id}}getDownloads a caption track. The caption track is returned in its original format unless the request specifies a value for the tfmt parameter and in its original language unless the request specifies a value for the tlang parameter. -
YouTube Data API v3POST Channelbanners Insert/channelBanners/insertpostUploads a channel banner image to YouTube. This method represents the first two steps in a three-step process to update the banner image for a channel: - Call the channelBanners.insert method to upload the binary image data to YouTube. The image must have a 16:9 aspect ratio and be at least 2120x1192 pixels. - Extract the url property's value from the response that the API returns for step 1. - Call the channels.update method to update the channel's branding settings. Set the brandingSettings.image.bannerExternalUrl property's value to the URL obtained in step 2. -
YouTube Data API v3DELETE Channelsections/channelSectionsdeleteDeletes a channelSection. -
YouTube Data API v3GET Channelsections/channelSectionsgetReturns channelSection resources that match the API request criteria. -
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YouTube Data API v3Oauth2 HTTPS Connections -
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Data Types
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YouTube Data API v3AccessPolicy - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3Activity - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetails - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsBulletin - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsChannelItem - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsComment - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsFavorite - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsLike - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsPlaylistItem - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
YouTube Data API v3ActivityContentDetailsPromotedItem - Json Data Type0 Bytes -
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YouTube Data API v3Oauth2 AuthorizationUnauthorizedOauth 2 Authorization -
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YouTube Data API v3 - -
Cenit - -
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