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BBC Nitro is the BBC's application programming interface (API) for BBC Programmes Metadata.
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0ErrorModel.jsonAuto detect - -
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0BBC Nitro 1.0.0 Connectionhttp://programmes.api.bbc.com/nitro/api -
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET /getGet API definition -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Availabilities/availabilitiesgetDiscover details of on-demand availability for programmes and their versions -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Broadcasts/broadcastsgetFetch metadata about linear Broadcasts and Services, allowing the generation of Television and Radio schedules and other datasets for broadcast items. Use /schedules instead of this feed as it is more efficient. Broadcasts will be deprecated in the future. -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Groups/groupsgetLong-lived curated collections of programmes and more, including Collections, Seasons, Franchises and Galleries -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Images/imagesgetFind metadata for images, particularly those in galleries -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Items/itemsgetLook inside programmes to find segments: chapters, tracks and more -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Master_brands/master_brandsgetList all Master Brands -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET People/peoplegetThe People feed allows you to search for the people and groups that contribute to programmes. This is the starting point for cast and crew credits, as well as finding contributors using external IDs (such as Wikipedia URLs) -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Pips/pipsgetLook inside pips entities -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Programmes/programmesgetFetch metadata about Programmes (brands, series, episodes, clips). By applying different filter restrictions this feed can be used in many ways, for example to retrieve all series belonging to a brand, all the episodes and/or clips for a specific series, or any TLEO objects for a masterbrand. Other filters permit restricting to specific formats and/or genres, and you can request specific versions (for example Signed or Audio-Described). Parameters may be combined in any way suitable for your application. -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Promotions/promotionsgetDetails of short-term editorially curated "promotions", for instance those programmes featured on iPlayer today -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Schedules/schedulesgetDates, Times, Schedules: when and where are programmes being shown? -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Schema/schemagetGet Schema definition -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Services/servicesgetThe services feed exposes the linear broadcast "services" from PIPs. These are the actual services which broadcast programmes (eg bbc_one_oxford is the service for BBC One in Oxford). -
BBC Nitro 1.0.0GET Versions/versionsgetThe versions feed exposes editorial "Versions" of programmes. These are concepts used to capture different presentations of an overall programme: for example, versions of a programme may include one with sign language, one with audio description, one edited for content and more. Versions are also important to understand for broadcasts: a linear broadcast or an ondemand is always of a specific version, not merely of a programme. -
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0BBC Nitro 1.0.0 HTTP Connections -
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0ErrorModelerror_modelJson Data Type0 Bytes -
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BBC Nitro 1.0.0bbc_nitro_1_0_0 -
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