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smart-me API v1
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With the smart-me REST API you get Access to all your devices in the smart-me Cloud and you can add your own devices. So it's a easy way to add the smart-me Cloud support to your Hardware or Software Product.

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August 15, 2016 16:32
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October 27, 2016 16:49


NamespaceNameTypeDescriptionUpdated at
smart-me API v1AccessTokenToPut.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1Device.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1DeviceInPast.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1DeviceToPost.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1MBusData.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1MeterFolderInformation.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1Object.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1OutputInformation.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1User.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1VMeterToActivate.jsonAuto detect - -
smart-me API v1VMeterToDeactivate.jsonAuto detect - -
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NamespaceNameUrlKeyTokenAuthorizationUpdated at
smart-me API v1Connectionhttps://smart-me.com:443 -
1 Connections
NamespaceNamePathMethodDescriptionAuthorizationUpdated at
smart-me API v1PUT Api Accesstoken/api/AccessTokenputCreates a Access Token to write on a Card (e.g. NFC) -
smart-me API v1GET Api Devicebyserial/api/DeviceBySerialgetGets a Device by it's Serial Number. The Serial is the part before the "-". -
smart-me API v1GET Api Devices/api/DevicesgetGets all Devices -
smart-me API v1POST Api Devices/api/DevicespostCreates or updates a Device or updates it's values. For a new device leave the ID empty. To create a device you have to set the DeviceEnergyType. To update values, add the ID of the device and the values you like to set. (See the Data Type Model for more Information) -
smart-me API v1GET Api Devices {id}/api/Devices/{{id}}getGets a Device by it's ID -
smart-me API v1PUT Api Devices {id}/api/Devices/{{id}}putUpdates the On/Off Switch on a device -
smart-me API v1GET Api Devicesbyenergy/api/DevicesByEnergygetGets all Devices for an Energy Type -
smart-me API v1GET Api Devicesbysubtype/api/DevicesBySubTypegetGets all Devices by it's Sub Type (e.g. E-Charging Station) -
smart-me API v1POST Api Mbus/api/MBuspostM-BUS API: Adds data of a M-BUS Meter to the smart-me Cloud. Just send us the M-BUS Telegram (RSP_UD) and we will do the Rest. -
smart-me API v1GET Api Meterfolderinformation {id}/api/MeterFolderInformation/{{id}}getBeta: Gets the General Information for a Meter or a Folder -
smart-me API v1GET Api Metervalues {id}/api/MeterValues/{{id}}getGets the Values for a Meter at a given Date. The first Value found before the given Date is returned. -
smart-me API v1GET Api User/api/UsergetGets the informations for the user. -
smart-me API v1GET Api Virtualmeteractive/api/VirtualMeterActivegetBeta: Gets all active virtual meters. -
smart-me API v1POST Api Virtualmeteractive/api/VirtualMeterActivepostBeta: Virtual Meter API: Activates a Meter and add the Consumption to a Virtual Meter assosiated with the User. -
smart-me API v1POST Api Virtualmeterdeactivate/api/VirtualMeterDeactivatepostBeta: Virtual Meter API: Deactivates a Virtual Meter. -
smart-me API v1GET Api Virtualmeters/api/VirtualMetersgetBeta: Gets all Meters available to activate as a Virtual Meter. -
16 Webhooks
Connection Roles
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smart-me API v1Connections -
1 Connection Roles


Data Types
NamespaceNameSlugTypeStorage sizeUpdated at
smart-me API v1AccessTokenToPutaccess_token_to_putJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1DevicedeviceJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1DeviceInPastdevice_in_pastJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1DeviceToPostdevice_to_postJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1MBusDatambusdataJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1MeterFolderInformationmeter_folder_informationJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1ObjectobjectJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1OutputInformationoutput_informationJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1UseruserJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1VMeterToActivatev_meter_to_activateJson Data Type0 Bytes -
smart-me API v1VMeterToDeactivatev_meter_to_deactivateJson Data Type0 Bytes -
11 Data Types


NamespaceNameStatusTypeUpdated at
smart-me API v1Basic AuthorizationUnauthorizedBasic Authorization -
1 Authorizations


NameSlugUpdated at
smart-me API v1smart_me_api_v1 -
1 Namespaces