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SimplyRETS API 1.0.0
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The SimplyRETS API is an exciting step towards making it easier for developers and real estate agents to build something awesome with real estate data! The documentation below makes live requests to our API using the trial data. To get set up with the API using live MLS data, you must have RETS credentials from your MLS, which you can then use to create an app with SimplyRETS. For more information on that process, please see our [FAQ](https://simplyrets.com/faq), [Getting Started](https://simplyrets.com/blog/getting-set-up.html) page, or [contact us](https://simplyrets.com/\#home-contact). Below you'll find the API endpoints, query parameters, response bodies, and other information about using the SimplyRETS API. You can run queries by clicking the 'Try it Out' button at the bottom of each section. ### Authentication The SimplyRETS API uses Basic Authentication. When you create an app, you'll get a set of API credentials to access your listings. If you're trying out the test data, you can use `simplyrets:simplyrets` for connecting to the API. ### Media Types The SimplyRETS API uses the `Accept` header to allow clients to control media types (content versions). We maintain backwards compatibility with API clients by allowing them to specify a content version. We highly recommend setting and explicity media type when your application reaches production. Both the structure and content of our API response bodies is subject to change so we can add new features while respecting the stability of applications which have already been developed. To always use the latest SimplyRETS content version, simply use `application/json` in your application `Accept` header. If you want to pin your clients media type to a specific version, you can use the vendor-specific SimplyRETS media type, e.g. `application/vnd.simplyrets-v0.1+json"` To view all valid content-types for making an `OPTIONS`, make a request to the SimplyRETS api root `curl -XOPTIONS -u simplyrets:simplyrets https://api.simplyrets.com/` The default media types used in our API responses may change in the future. If you're building an application and care about the stability of the API, be sure to request a specific media type in the Accept header as shown in the examples below. The wordpress plugin automatically sets the `Accept` header for the compatible SimplyRETS media types. ### Pagination There a few pieces of useful information about each request stored in the HTTP Headers: - `X-Total-Count` shows you the total amount of listings that match your current query. - `Link` contains pre-built pagination links for accessing the next 'page' of listings that match your query. Read more about that [here](https://simplyrets.com/blog/api-pagination.html).

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NamespaceNameTypeDescriptionUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Agent.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Broker.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0ContactInformation.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Error.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GeographicData.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Listing.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0MlsInformation.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Office.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0OpenHouse.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Parking.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Property.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Sales.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0School.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0StreetAddress.jsonAuto detect - -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Tax.jsonAuto detect - -
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NamespaceNameUrlKeyTokenAuthorizationUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Connectionhttps://api.simplyrets.com/ -
1 Connections
NamespaceNamePathMethodDescriptionAuthorizationUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GET Openhouses/openhousesgetThis is the main endpoint for accessing openhouses. -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GET Openhouses {openhousekey}/openhouses/{{openHouseKey}}getUse this endpoint for accessing a single OpenHouse. -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GET Properties/propertiesgetThis is the main endpoint for accessing your properties. View all of the available query parameters and make requests below! The API uses Basic Authentication, which most HTTP libraries will handle for you. To use the test data (which is what this pages uses), you can use the api key `simplyrets` and secret `simplyrets`. Note that these test listings are not live MLS listings but the data, query parameters, and response bodies will all work the same. -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GET Properties {mlsid}/properties/{{mlsId}}getUse this endpoint for accessing a single listing. When you make a search to the `/properties` endpoint, each listing in the response will contain a unique `mlsId` field which should be used to request that listing on this route. The `mlsId` field is a unique identifier for a listing which is specific to the SimplyRETS API only. It is different from the `listingId` field is the public number given to a listing by the MLS and is not used here. -
4 Webhooks
Connection Roles
NamespaceNameWebhooksConnectionsUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Connections -
1 Connection Roles


Data Types
NamespaceNameSlugTypeStorage sizeUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0AgentagentJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0BrokerbrokerJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0ContactInformationcontact_informationJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0ErrorerrorJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0GeographicDatageographic_dataJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0ListinglistingJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0MlsInformationmls_informationJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0OfficeofficeJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0OpenHouseopenhouseJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0ParkingparkingJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0PropertypropertyJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0SalessalesJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0SchoolschoolJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0StreetAddressstreet_addressJson Data Type0 Bytes -
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0TaxtaxJson Data Type0 Bytes -
15 Data Types


NamespaceNameStatusTypeUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0Basic auth AuthorizationUnauthorizedBasic Authorization -
1 Authorizations


NameSlugUpdated at
SimplyRETS API 1.0.0simplyrets_api_1_0_0 -
1 Namespaces