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Semantria API 4.0
Semantria applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content.

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IdTitleDescriptionUpdated at
machine_learningMachine LearningPattern recognition and computational learning theoryDecember 01, 2016 17:06
marketingMarketingB2B and B2C advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and emailDecember 01, 2016 17:06
textTextText processing, generation, rendering and analysisDecember 01, 2016 17:06
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August 15, 2016 16:32
Updated at
December 06, 2016 12:57


NamespaceNameTypeDescriptionUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0Attribute.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0AutoCategory.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_InsertVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_ResponseVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_UpdateVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0Category_InsertVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0Category_ResponseVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0Category_UpdateVersion.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0Collection.jsonAuto detect - -
Semantria API 4.0CollectionAnalyticData.jsonAuto detect - -
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NamespaceNameUrlKeyTokenAuthorizationUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0Connectionhttps://api.semantria.com/ -
1 Connections
NamespaceNamePathMethodDescriptionAuthorizationUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0DELETE Blacklist.{content_type}/blacklist.{{content_type}}deleteThis method removes certain blacklisted items by their values on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0GET Blacklist.{content_type}/blacklist.{{content_type}}getThis method retrieves all backlisted items available on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0POST Blacklist.{content_type}/blacklist.{{content_type}}postThis method adds new unique items to the backlist on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0PUT Blacklist.{content_type}/blacklist.{{content_type}}putThis method updates existing items by unique IDs in the backlist on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0DELETE Categories.{content_type}/categories.{{content_type}}deleteThis method removes certain user categories by their IDs on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0GET Categories.{content_type}/categories.{{content_type}}getThis method retrieves list of user categories available on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0POST Categories.{content_type}/categories.{{content_type}}postThis method adds user categories on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0PUT Categories.{content_type}/categories.{{content_type}}putThis method updates user categories by unique IDs on Semantria side. -
Semantria API 4.0POST Collection.{content_type}/collection.{{content_type}}postThis method queues collection of documents onto the server for analysis. Queued collection of documents analyzes in common context as entire thing. If unique configuration ID provided, Semantria uses settings of that configuration during analysis, in opposite the primary configuration uses. Collection IDs are unique in scope of configuration. If the same ID appears twice, Semantria overrides existing collection with the new Data -
Semantria API 4.0GET Collection Processed.{content_type}/collection/processed.{{content_type}}getThis method retrieves analysis results for processed collections from Semantria. FAILED collections will have FAILED status in response. Semantria responds with limited amount of results per API call. If configuration ID provided, Semantria responds with the collections, which were queued using the same configuration ID, in opposite Primary configuration uses. -
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Connection Roles
NamespaceNameWebhooksConnectionsUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0HTTPS Connections -
1 Connection Roles


Data Types
NamespaceNameSlugTypeStorage sizeUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0AttributeattributeJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0AutoCategoryauto_categoryJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_InsertVersionblacklist_item_insert_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_ResponseVersionblacklist_item_response_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0BlacklistItem_UpdateVersionblacklist_item_update_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0Category_InsertVersioncategory_insert_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0Category_ResponseVersioncategory_response_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0Category_UpdateVersioncategory_update_versionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0CollectioncollectionJson Data Type0 Bytes -
Semantria API 4.0CollectionAnalyticDatacollection_analytic_dataJson Data Type0 Bytes -
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NameSlugUpdated at
Semantria API 4.0semantria_api_4_0 -
1 Namespaces