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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

locked Backendless

After create a new Data Type using a JSON Schema is generated on the fly a complete REST API and a CRUD UI to manage the data. Useful for mobile backend and API services.

globe Routing and orchestration

Enables to create multistep integration flows by composing atomic integration functionality (such as connection, transformation, data event, schedule, webhook and flow).

creditcard Data integration

Includes data validation, transformation, mapping, and data quality. Exchange support for multiple data formats (JSON, XML, ASN) and data standards (EDIFACT, X12, UBL).

support Integration scenarios

Cloud Service Integration, for Publication and Management of APIs, Mobile Application Integration, to support Business to Business, Application and Data Integration needs.

dev Third party service integrations

Directory for OpenAPI Spec (Swagger) and Shared Collections - social feature to share integration settings - to connect services as ERP / Fulfilment / Marketing / Communication.

mail Free account

A tenant without limit in use, complete features access available. Only pay a $0.5 USD fee by transactions when involve commerce data such as: Order, Purchase, Shipment, Payment.